New recording studio is taking shape.

We can’t believe it’s been a week already!

After spending a couple of days clearing out the rooms the team got to work first thing last Monday morning. Here’s a little summary of what happened in week 1…


New wiring was fitted in the control room for the ceiling lighting, acoustic panel lighting and sockets. Meanwhile in the live room supports and beams for the new floating ceiling were installed. The new window was formed between the control room and the live room.


Swap round and the new wiring was fitted in the live room and construction of the new floating ceiling took place in the control room.


New ventilation and insulation fitted in the control room followed by triple layered boarding. Frame work for new angular walls began.

DAY 4 & 5

Both new floating ceilings are completed, the new window has been framed and construction and insulation of the new walls in the control begins.

There’s plenty more to do and we will keep you updated as we go!